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Living for the Day, the Hour, the Moment

Meet Nija , the name Nija is of Indian (Sanskrit) origin and means "Truth; Successful; White Rose".

Since the beginning of 2020, our family has been looking for the "perfect" 4-legged friend to add to our family, with delight and after a one week “trial” period the Valentino’s have fallen in love with this beautiful pup. She is more than we could hope for. She’s one year old, well mannered, well behaved, great with kids, loves sing bowls, snuggles, naps and chasing anything and everything. Since the loss of one of our cats a year ago, we've been hesitant introducing another animal into our lives, but even Angel the cat, seems to think she's a good fit.

Gio has taken a huge leap in learning the importance of being responsible for someone other than himself and is doing well.

She's reminds us to live for the Day, the Hour ,and the Moment. Be prepared to see her on her mat right next to us for our Virtual sessions, see you then.

Day 3 Puppy Yoga

Day 1, Sept 2020 Gio, Nija and Luciana

Day 2, Us enjoying a some sun and stories.

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