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Sitting for Charity

Community/ Charity Sit:

Sunday December 4th 10am-1pm EST, 4pm-7pm CET 

 Join Vivian Neff and me on December 4th for a FREE 3-hour open community sit (aka meditation) for CHARITY from 10 am- 1 pm EST/4 pm-7 pm CET. We have picked organizations that we feel are examples of areas that could use more support during the Giving season.

We will be live-streaming a mindfulness-based sitting and walking meditation practice together, taking turns guiding and offering small insights throughout the 3-hours.

Though this is a FREE event, we ask that you all consider donating a minimum of $5 to one of the chosen worthy causes/ organizations, you can find details below on how to support.

Options for zoom space are available, giving you access to an exclusive q/a period after the meditation.

Sign up to reserve your spot in the next available group.

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